QQFM Audio Mixer

A Clubhouse/Greenroom Companion


QQFM is best for playing BGM/SFX on audio social media apps.


It is super easy to record your sessions with QQFM.


You can host rooms in different platforms simultaneously.


QQFM is a device custom designed for Clubhouse™. The core functionality is to bridge multiple audio sources into the app.

With QQFM, you can host rooms with high-quality background music and sound effects, bringing a better atmosphere to your audience and speakers. Hosting karaoke rooms is also a popular application of the device. With everyone’s permission, recording your sessions would be a simple task. You could definitely play your recordings to the people who missed the past events.

Easy to use​

Watch the introduction video


English Tutorial


QQFM Companion

We are developing applications to take your experiences with QQFM to another level!