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QQFM is an audio mixer custom designed for the audio social media apps like clubhouse, greenroom, twitter spaces, facebook audio, wechat group live, taoke, etc. The core functionality is to bridge multiple audio sources into the apps.

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  1. Line 1 is a unidirectional audio input line, which can be used for playing BGM, singing card, OK and playing sound effects.
  2. Line 2 is a two-way audio line, which can not only play music songs, but also record the audio in the room and make podcasts; It can also be converted into text by voice recognition software; Real time translation can also be provided by translation software; You can also call the mobile phone connected to line 2, or enter different audio social rooms to connect various audio applications to realize two-way communication.
  3. Line 3 is the mixed output line of line 1 and line 2 adjusted by the upper knob, which is used to access the mobile devices of clubhouse, greenroom and other audio social software, and output the mixed audio.
  4. It is the monitor hole of line 1. Insert the earphone to monitor the audio from line 1. If the singing KARAOKE, it needs to be connected to the monitor earphone.
  5. It is the monitor hole of line 2 , and you can monitor the audio from line 2 by inserting headphones.
  6. Room monitoring hole supports MIC input. Under the control of the central button switch, the sound collected by MIC of earphone can be mixed with the audio of line 1 and line 2 and output to Room.
  7. Line 1 volume adjustment, decrease the volume counter clockwise, increase the volume clockwise.
  8. Line 2 volume adjustment, decrease the volume counter clockwise, increase the volume clockwise.
  9. The central button is the mic switch of the headset. Press the button to enable the mic to participate in the conversation in the room. Pop up the button to turn off the MIC of the headset. Only the audio signals of lines 1 and 2 are input into the room.


  • BGM playing, take spotify music playing in spotify greenroom as an example:
    • Turn on spotify software, set up the play list and wait. Enter the room of greenroom and turn on MIC in the software to be in the speak state. The source phone starts to play music, so that people in the room can hear the music.
    • If you want to fully monitor the music effects you play, you can use one ID to monitor and another ID to play music and communicate with people in the room. This is the most realistic way to understand the actual effect of people in the room.
  • Karaoke singing:
    • If the singing Karaoke, you must connect the monitor headset into the left Jack and wear the monitor. Connect line 1 to karaoke mobile phone, turn on karaoke talent, and wait for singing after selecting songs. After entering the room, turn on mic at the right time in the software, and then you can sing.
    • At the beginning of singing, the accompaniment will be heard from the monitoring earphone, and the singing will be performed according to the lyrics prompts in the mobile phone. At this time, the singing voice is output through the MIC of the sound source mobile phone after reverberation processing, so you can hear your singing beautified in the monitoring earphone, and the people in the room can also hear your singing. The singing effect can be adjusted by the settings of Karaoke software, including up and down tones, MIC volume and reverberation depth processing.
  • Room recording, voice to text, real-time translation:
    • Connect line 2 to the recording equipment, and line 3 to the room mobile phone that needs recording. Open the recording software, start recording at the right time, and export the recording file after recording. For the use of voice to text, the operation of real-time translation is similar to that of recording function.
  • Outbound call:
    • take the mobile phone application as an example, the use of other types of telephone software is the same.
    • Line 2 is connected to the mobile phone to be called out.Open the phone application to find the contact and prepare for the call out. The mobile phone connected with line 3 enters the room of audio social software, opens mic on the stage, and the mobile phone connected with line 2 starts to call out.
    • After connecting, it can communicate with the users in the room in two ways.